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Item photo for Bird House

Bird House


A wooden bird house for birds

Item photo for Tree House

Tree House


A Wooden treehouse decoration

Item photo for American Eagle

American Eagle


Balancing eagle

Item photo for Gospel Singing CD #1

Gospel Singing CD #1


This brand new gospel CD comes with custom made leatherette CD case sporting our new logo. On the back side is also engraved all the songs on the album.

Item photo for Wooden box

Wooden box


This creative box opens with a twist to reveal whatever it is you want to hide in there

Item photo for Wooden puzzle

Wooden puzzle


Handmade wooden hexagon puzzle made by Gabriel.

Item photo for Winter Decor

Winter Decor


This two sided engraved wood with winter decor is varnished and ready to be out for all to see this winter. About 4x5 inches

Item photo for Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug


Enjoy your morning coffee with this brand new Amundson Family engraved Coffee Mug made by Gabe. RED PRINT Includes shipping

Item photo for Magnet Decal

Magnet Decal


These basswood magnets would look great beside your other family pictures. Shipping is free for up to 2 magnets with the purchase of any CD

Item photo for Good Company

Good Company


This CD is a compilation of some Darryl's original songs done in Amundson Family Music Style. Shipping included

Item photo for As Far As I Can See

As Far As I Can See


This CD was recorded shortly after Ira started learning banjo and was done live off the floor in our local church building. shipping included

Item photo for Right Where you are

Right Where you are


This was our first recording project as a family and includes some originals and some classics. It's fun to hear the kids sing and play when they were so young. shipping included

Item photo for Tried and True

Tried and True


We are really proud of this CD and gives a great example of the kinds of songs we like to write and play. It was our third attempt at a CD project.

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